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Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Living Your Best Life

Have you ever had those moments when you doubted yourself because of rejection or something that others have said about you?

I know, because I have! It is incredible how much the words of others can sometimes shake our beliefs in ourselves. But guess what? It is time to break free from that negativity and embrace your true potential.

Today, we will be exploring why it is important to let go of the opinions of others and start believing in yourself.

I remember how before the launch of our global conference ‘Awaken My Millionaire Mindset’, we reached out to several organizations for sponsorship and collaboration and some turned us down. But guess what, we chose to go ahead and carried on with the conference, and after the launch of the conference, we had a lot of reviews; some good, some not so good but we focused on our success and the positive reviews.

Now not to say that the not-so-good reviews were completely blocked out because of course, to allow growth, you have to be open to criticism. We took the ones we needed to grow and better ourselves individually and as a company and allowed ourselves to enjoy the good reviews of the company’s success. It’s called filtering and decluttering.

Below, I have shared 3 tools to help shut out the noise and embrace your true self. Go give this a try and you can be sure to have mastered self-confidence and appreciation of your self-worth.

TIP 1: Be Authentic

Believe the truth that there is no one else like you. When you embrace your true self, you radiate a genuine energy that attracts others and inspires them to be their true self. You start to value your own opinions and beliefs above the judgments and expectations of others.

Nobody sees the vision and goals like you do and so when you show up as you, you’ll realize that the things you think are wrong about you are often the ones that are the most right about you. When you feel like you don’t belong, your uniqueness is your superpower!

You are not crazy, you are just the first. If the person who invented the bulb had thought himself crazy and stopped because of his 99 failures and the criticisms around, he would not have failed because of his 99 wrong attempts, he would’ve failed because he gave up on his belief, on his own self. Success is not always certain, but remember, a lack of authenticity guarantees failure.

TIP 2: You do not need approval

Write out your belief system and ask yourself “Is this really me, or is this my condition? Am I allowing myself to grow and see my true potential or am I allowing my external factors to limit me?” This will help you to identify what you need to release and which you need to let go of.

Your self-worth does not depend on your past, environment, validation, or opinions of others. You can dream big, aim for the best, and be your best. Embrace your ambition with confidence and fearlessly pursue your goal. The reason is simple – the most important validation you need is from your own self.

Fully Unveiled by Sakirat Okewole

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TIP 3: Understand Your Self-Worth and Self-Confidence

In simple terms, Self Worth is the belief that you are deserving while Self Confidence is the belief that you can achieve anything you set your mind to do irrespective of the challenges that may arise.

Change your relationship with rejection and failure. Tell yourself rejection is redirection. Rejection is God’s protection. It is God hiding you from people because they do not align with your values.

Believe that you are worthy of it. You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe. “I want to be on Forbes list, I believe I am on Forbes list, I am showing up and doing the work. Guess who’s going to be on Forbes list in less than five years, ME”.

Whatever you desire to achieve, I want you to say it confidently to yourself, keep confessing it, believe it as you confess it, do the work, and watch it manifest.

What would you be doing if you didn’t have the fear of rejection? I want you to go right ahead and get to it. This is your season. Make yourself visible and the right people will see your worth and align with your values.

Remember, no one is coming to save you. Nobody is coming to your rescue. No matter what happened in the past, how many times you have been rejected, or what opinion people have about you, you are allowed to start afresh.

You are allowed to soar high. You are entitled to believe in yourself again and again and again.

If you find this helpful, please use the comment box below to share with us your greatest highlights and we can curate more useful posts to support your success journey.

Sending you win energy and I’ll connect with you soon. Till then Keep vibrating in the frequency of success.


Sakirat Okewole.

Personal/Business Growth Coach (A BETTER ME Growth Coaching)

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