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I really had thought I was in tune with myself, especially because I was running a series of businesses. I was making money and spending money. I didn’t use to have a money management habit as I now do which played me down in so many ways. Financial stress had set in at a point in time which then led to desperation to break free from the stress. In today’s article, I will be tilting towards self awareness.

I did create more stress for myself coming from a person whose self-independence is one of her core values, especially because I was not aware of what is possible and how to set myself up for it. One of my favourite quotes is that it’s okay to be independent but never okay to be alone. For someone who is keen on self-development like me, I was always looking out for how to get better, and one thing is if I don’t like how things are playing out, I look for a solution, I get it and I am rocking with it.

Therefore, I was always ready to get better and grow into brand-new opportunities that will serve me and the people around me. Because I was always ready, I always found a solution. I will be telling you more about what I found in the later part of this article.

From my last blog post titled, From Fear To Fulfilment, many people are not in touch with what is possible for them to manifest in life and thus live unfulfilled as a result. They are not demanding for more because they don’t know or believe what is possible.

This is the beginning of being SELF UNAWARE. For me, it was a case of living for so many years with an unknown or undiagnosed condition General Anxiety disorder which emanated into insomnia, depression, and self-harm/suicidal thoughts.

Not until my diagnosis, I lived unclear about my life’s true purpose therefore confused about how to create a happy life for myself. Uncomfortable with the results I produced and therefore unfulfilled about my work life. Uncertain about the future, therefore played small. Uncomfortable about the continuous stress crash therefore I acted unconfident.

Becoming More; Self awareness - Course by Sakirat Okewole

What changed all of this around was the moment I became self-aware of what was going on with me, what is possible for me, and what I needed to get me to sojourn a happy life. I began to take action towards that and there came my fulfilment.

Let me ask you today to notice what is going on well for you and intensify on that as well as what is not working out for you to re-strategise on that. Research has shown that 85% of humans living are self-unaware and of course, I was able to learn from nations that had for years topped the list of world-happy countries like Finland whose happiness is traced to their generosity, freedom of choice, and especially their fulfilment.

Here are the four major takeaways from my experience and findings which I will merge into two points as they go side by side with each other. These are:


I cannot overemphasise how this will change things around for you. Many times, in a relationship, whether with our personal self, our family, our work colleagues, or in the community at large, we need to take out time to observe what the reality is and what we may perceive it to be. For example, I remembered there had been a time when I thought I was leading a group of work colleagues aright even when I had not properly worked on myself.

Even though I thought I was working on myself, it was not the right work in alignment with how much I wished to create. This again is why I will love to elaborate more on this for as many who are wishing for uphill success, you’ve got to be ready for uphill actions, and habits.

Have you reviewed yourself in recent times? How you are showing up? Do that now and have someone review you as well, especially a trusted non-judgmental person who will see your blind spot and point it out genuinely. Even though such a person may or may not be able to offer you the best solution to that, however, you must at least have been awakened to what is obtainable or what you need to work on. Watch out, however, this can be very discomforting but it’s a must-do because it will help you grow and glow.

Of course, you must know that growth is very uncomfortable, but you’ve got to be comfortable with that. Again, think about it, growth is a natural process and every man must experience it just that we experience it differently as it is tougher for many who want to stretch themselves consciously for the reason of setting themselves up for astounding success. You will then have to make this a continuous process just so you are consistently in touch with yourself to always go for the next right move.


Life shows up often and continuously. This is usually to teach us a lesson. Your resilience and emotional intelligence is a key player in how you will handle life situations. First, you must always get the lesson from every situation that shows up your way in life and dread it carefully to avoid repetition otherwise it will show up again even way messier. I can promise you that right and there you will have a lot to deal with. This is why a lot of people live unfulfilled.

Observing the situation and especially not failing to learn and implement the lessons is a sustainable way to grow through the journey. YES, you heard me say GROW THROUGH and this is where you have truly learned what needs to be taken away from the situation rather than just saying GO THROUGH it, in this situation where many are found perplexed and hopeless of the magic they can still create in the near future.

This is not to shy away from the fact that making mistakes is totally unavoidable, but at least it’s got to be less frequent and have less effect.

I am therefore confident to tell you that when you learn and implement, you will grow and be able to add more value to yourself and the people around you. In the bigger picture, you are already transforming your lives and that of those around you.

I will conclude by reminding you that the life ahead is big and your life is bigger than whatever it is you have going on at the moment. Therefore, be in touch with what is going on for you right now and what is the next right move to get you to where you wish to be. Rather than going alone so that you go fast, go with the right people so that you go far.

I will love to add more value to you because I love to see you win by seeing you live fully expressed.

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