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Rising To A Grand Day: 3 Tips for Starting Strong and Ending Happy

Have you ever wondered why some days end up well and others don’t? I agree that every day is not always the same, but you can make every day count through the decisions you make from within and actions taken during the day by starting off with great control of your thoughts and mind.

There is a quote that says ”The best way to master one’s self is the ability to make the inner voice and vision stronger than the external opinions”. There are so many external circumstances that can make one slide into a low mood as we rise into the wake of a new day. For some, it’s the quality of their health, either mentally, physically, or financially. While for others, it can be their relationship with themselves or others.

Whatever it is for you, you have the ability to change it with your very first thoughts of the day or set of activities in the morning.

Below, I shared 3 tips that will ground you into having a great start of the day and end it absolutely feeling happy and fulfilled. Go give this a try and you can be sure to have a perfect end to your day oftentimes.

TIP 1: Don’t lay in bed after waking up

Come out of bed, calmly feeling grateful and saying gratitude words for the opportunity to see the break of a new day as you continue to bless your day ahead. It is important we occupy the mind with instructions on what to think about and focus on all day long.

I always count my blessings when I wake up or when I find my mind making a drift into the negative space. This can happen, but the awareness of it and the immediate reorganisation of the mind is the true power to mind mastery. I cannot stop talking about this on our weekly growth calls.

TIP 2: Ground yourself in a functional morning routine that includes affirmations, meditation, and movement.

I stopped the treadmill for some time because of my belief that it is not suitable for an adrenal body type like mine. I then remembered that my words are powerful and since I have the power to speak my life into existence, I have started to enjoy the treadmill speaking my ”I am” affirmations to support my enjoyment of it and its alignment with keeping my body agile, ageless, and young.

I know that I can create my own reality and so can you. It all boils down to the strength of your belief. I have not stopped my asanas, pranayama, and breathwork. It is as paramount to me as air. It’s a great form of non-aggressive bodywork.

In fact, my yoga Coach calls it ”work in” rather than ”work out” as in the case of the treadmill or aerobics.

So stick to what works for you as you attempt to try new movements and add those to your routine. You should talk to us if you need to curate a functional one now.

TIP 3: Stick to your TO-DO LIST and let that help you deliver a masterpiece at work today.

I enjoy setting out my Calender for the entire week from Sunday evening as this helps me build anticipation for the great deliveries I will birth all week long. Did you hear the saying that ”sitting in our action plans is our success stories” especially action plans that are intentionally created to meet a big goal or maybe a milestone? You feel so pumped about the creations that will come out of you per hour daily.

Some clients had sometimes reached out to discuss how they struggle to keep a calendar or maybe even stick to their schedule and I will respond that being intentional about our jobs keeps us driven to show up and do the work. Answering simple questions like, why am I on this job? Why do I need financial stability? Why should I work on my self-confidence? Why do I need to be a caring father? And other similar questions will give you a big reason to keep doing the work.

Use the baby step method to attempt going through, then work on your to-do list by first getting the most important task done while other tasks can follow. My team and I are more than happy to support your dreams of being an action-taker to create your dream lives if you talk to us now.

If you find this useful, please use the comment box below to share with us your favorite highlights and we can curate more useful posts to support your success journey.

Sending you win energy!

I’ll connect with you just soon. Till then, keep vibrating in the frequency of success! 


Sakirat Okewole.

Personal/Business Growth Coach (A BETTER ME Growth Coaching)

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