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A 3-Day Vision Clarity Summit

Venue | Exclusive Zoom

12th – 14th December 2023

If you missed the physical edition of this Vision Clarity Dinner in Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom, then this is for you.

📌Imagine starting 2024 with a crystal-clear vision, a roadmap to success, and the tools to make your dreams a reality.📌

Early planning is the cornerstone of success. As you look ahead to 2024, envision a year of transformation and achievement, and it all commences with this life-altering event. Step away from the crowd, immerse yourself in a serene environment, and allow us to guide you in crafting a precise roadmap to realize your future aspirations in 2024 and beyond.

Perhaps you’ve embarked on similar journeys in the past, only to find yourself at the end of the year without the desired outcomes. Somewhere along the way, a crucial piece may have been missing.

At this Exclusive Vision Clarity Summit, we are dedicated to helping you pinpoint that missing link and cultivate the right mindset to propel you towards the fulfillment of your dreams in 2024.

Be Among the 15% Who Thrive

Did you know that only 15% of the world’s population is self-aware of their life’s true vision? This leaves the remaining 85% living unintentionally, missing out on the power of purposeful living.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly achieve their dreams while others struggle to find their purpose? It all begins with having a clear vision.

Our Vision Clarity Summit is the key to unlocking your potential.

To say when the vision is defined the prayer points are less is a true statement for those who have truly mastered their vision.

Have you ever felt like you’re chasing success but never quite reaching it? Do you have dreams and desires that seem just out of reach?

The truth is, you’re not alone. Many people in the world are living unintentional lives, believing that they are thriving, but missing out on the incredible power of having a clear vision.

Vision clarity is the beginning of conscious living. When you are aware of your true purpose, your personal powers, and the path to achieve your dreams, then and only then can you create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Top Reasons to Be a Part of This Event

This event will empower you to:


The Power of Vision Clarity

Rather than constantly praying for various desires such as owning countless houses, leading big teams, affording bills, traveling, starting a business, getting promoted, or providing for your loved ones, what if you could achieve all of this and more by nurturing a clear vision with an eternal purpose?

At our Vision Clarity Summit, we’ll show you how. We’ll guide you in setting meaningful goals and taking the right actions to make your dreams a reality. Join us for a transformative event and embark on a journey to discover and fully create your true vision.

Your Journey Starts Here

If you’re ready to bring your beautiful desires to reality, then it’s time to simplify your journey to growth in all areas of your life. It’s time to enjoy and live fulfilled.

Secure your spot at the Vision Clarity Summit now. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your life and create the dream life you deserve.

Venue: Exclusive Zoom

12th – 14th December 2023 | 8PM – 9PM (UK)

This is a 3-Day value-packed event.

Venue: Exclusive Zoom

12th – 14th December 2023

8PM – 9PM (UK)

This is a 3-Day value-packed event.

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The Convener

Hi, I’m Sakirat Okewole.

A few years back I suffered from General Anxiety Disorder, Depression, and Suicidal thoughts which had taken a bad toll on my life and affected my confidence thereby making me live stressed and unfulfilled.

So many things happened in between and I later discovered and learned strategies that broke me free of fear and limiting beliefs, got clarity on my life’s true purpose, grew my person and success and now I help many do the same.

I want you to win and stay fulfilled because that is where I find my fulfillment.

This desire birthed A BETTER ME GROWTH COACHING COMPANY. A personal/business growth coaching company where we offer Coaching and Training to grow the mindset and success of our clients as well as to support them on the journey of creating a life of abundance.

Our training is centered around mind and self-mastery which is, in turn, poured into crafts, profession/service, and lifestyle.

We are known in the industry for our ability to educate and transform lives. We also offer Personal development mentoring for those who require individual support as well as companies who require employee training.

Now, my mission is to lead you toward a life brimming with clarity, success, and fulfillment. Join me on this transformative journey, break free from fear, and acquire the essential tools to manifest an abundant life.

Let’s make a commitment to prioritize mind and self-mastery as we unlock your true potential together. Your journey to a better you begins now.

Catch a Glimpse of the Physical Edition

@ Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom

It was a transformative experience, imparting essential insights on goal setting, purpose definition, and cultivating a positive mindset. The event fostered meaningful connections among attendees, creating a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. The impact of this physical gathering has been profound, setting the stage for continued personal and professional growth.


Transform Your Life, Define Your Purpose, and Create Your Dream Future


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