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A Masterclass To Uncover Hidden Keys To Personal Success For Student Entrepreneurs

Thursday, 27th June 2024 | 8PM

Exclusive Zoom

Be Among the 15% Who Thrive in Life

Did you know that only 15% of the world’s population is self-aware of their life’s true vision? This leaves the remaining 85% living unintentionally, missing out on the power of purposeful living.


When you become conscious of the powers and potentials that you carry and position yourself for what you deserve, you will win easily and consistently in all areas of life.

As a student entrepreneur, there is the chase for academic and business success, this can get overwhelming that you sometimes lose one for the other, especially if you are going alone without support or guidance on such a journey.

You may presently be experiencing a block already either in your academics or in your business or maybe even in both.

You are feeling unfulfilled with your results in both areas, especially because you know you can do more and you are trying so hard but it’s not added up just yet.

Back in my days as a student of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, I remember combining my academics with my business and then joining the struggle doing aluta on campus as the then Vice President of the Student Union Government, it was a lot to bear but I managed to strike some great balance.

Even though I lost my first class to Aluta like the then Vice Chancellor said to me, I realized that the experiences I garnered were still good enough to compensate for my GP. It was a good experience to have successfully run the office of the vice president. However if I had the right guidance I could still have found the strategies to do better in academics, campus life, and my business.

My journey of entrepreneurship started when I was 13 years old selling school sandals to my schoolmate. In fact maybe it started even younger as both of my parents were and still are entrepreneurs and I was involved in my mom’s business at some point, not to mention my grandparents who were also entrepreneurs during their lives, it’s safe to say that I was born into entrepreneurship.

Little wonder I am coaching entrepreneurs today having successfully led several businesses myself. I have always wanted a financially independent life and yes, I believed in its possibilities however I thought I knew how to get there all by myself but I was wrong.

This is where the problem lies for many. They always move alone thinking that they could figure it out all by themselves.

Going alone may take you fast but going with the right people will take you far, so don’t be all by yourself getting overwhelmed to figure things out.

That is why I have collaborated with Michael of the Lead Heart Initiative to support you and other student entrepreneurs,  to awaken the powers of creating your success so that you can lead a better business without jeopardizing your academics.

They say ‘Charity begins at home’ I am super excited to be connecting with student entrepreneurs at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta through a transformational masterclass that my team and I have put together to hand you the strategies needed to create your success in business and other areas of life.

Exclusive Zoom

27th June 2024 | 8pm-9pm (WAT)

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Guest Speaker

Sakirat Okewole - Personal and Business growth coach

Sakirat Okewole

Founder/Lead Coach, A BETTER ME

Sakirat Okewole is a Personal Growth Coach, Speaker, Author, and Founder of A BETTER ME GROWTH COACHING, a company situated in The United Kingdom and Nigeria with the mission to help people become more personally conscious in a distracted world so that they can lead a more fulfilling life.

Her background is in health as a Public Health practitioner in the psychosocial aspect and a mental health counselor in training, all with the vision to contribute to the global populace’s health, wealth, and wellness.

She is the convener of the global conference called the ”Awaken My Millionaire Mindset, Your Mental Health, Mindset, and Money” in a bid to foster mental wellness for startup, stressed, and aspiring entrepreneurs for her love of entrepreneurship knows how much entrepreneurs suffer mental breakdown due to stress and work-life imbalance, having suffered and recovered from one herself while running multiple businesses.

Her self-awareness workbook ‘Awaken My Millionaire Mindset Workbook’ remains a transformational guide to finding peace, positivity, and purpose as it informs, empowers, and educates the reader on how to heal and grow to find life balance.

Sakirat has coached and reached up to a thousand people in the last two years of transitioning from an event designer to a Personal Growth Coach, educating and empowering them to lead a better life. She has helped people overcome Anxiety and low mood. She has helped people lead a more purposeful life, through positive mental attitude, mind, and self-mastery. Overall, she keeps empowering people to be the best version of themselves.

Sakirat is an alumnus of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria, University of Ibadan, Nigeria and presently training as a mental health counselor at the Kent Adult Education Centre Ashford Kent, United Kingdom.

Sakirat Okewole - Personal and Business growth coach

Sakirat Okewole

Founder/Lead Coach, A BETTER ME

A few years back I suffered from General Anxiety Disorder, Depression, and Suicidal thoughts which had taken a bad toll on my life and affected my confidence thereby making me live stressed and unfulfilled.

So many things happened in between and I later discovered and learned strategies that broke me free of fear and limiting beliefs, got clarity on my life’s true purpose, grew my person and success and now I help many do the same.

I want you to win and stay fulfilled because that is where I find my fulfillment. This desire birthed A BETTER ME GROWTH COACHING COMPANY here in the United Kingdom. A personal/business growth coaching company where we offer Coaching and Training to grow the mindset and success of our clients as well as to support them on the journey of creating a life of abundance.

Our training is centered around mind and self-mastery which is, in turn, poured into crafts, profession/service, and lifestyle.

Now, my mission is to lead you toward a life brimming with clarity, success, and fulfillment. Join me on this transformative journey, break free from fear, and acquire the essential tools to manifest an abundant life.

The Host

Oloyede Headshot

Oloyede Abiodun Michael

Founder, Lead Heart Initiative

Oloyede Abiodun Michael, also known as Proverbial, is a climate change activist and Sustainable Development Goals educator and the founder of Lead Heart Initiative, a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with the sole aim of building the capacity of future leaders and environmentally conscious individuals towards effective service delivery. He is the Executive Director of the Lead Heart Center for Leadership Training. He underwent his NYSC in the National Assembly, House Committee on the Niger Delta Development Commission, Abuja. He was appointed as the Coordinator of Corp Members in the National Assembly.

Oloyede Abiodun Michael was the first student to emerge as the Students Union President since the inception of his department, and he made several major achievements in the areas of physical infrastructure, social well-being, and accountability. Consequently, he was able to build laudable legacies and achieve historical milestones. During his tenure, he served as the chairman of the Coalition of Specialized Federal Universities in Nigeria.

He has worked with international organizations and different NGOs resident in Nigeria. He is currently the liaison officer for Green Impact International, an international organization headquartered in Canada. Oloyede Michael is the convener of the Southwest Leadership Summit, the largest gathering of intellectuals in the Southwest. He’s a project manager, a leadership consultant, and the CEO of Kiowa Multiconcept Nigeria Limited, a multifaceted engineering company that specializes in building construction, procurement, and project management.


Over the years, Oloyede has trained over 10,000 students on an ideal leadership setup. He has facilitated trainings for two consecutive administrations of the Students Union Leaders of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, where participants were exposed to the rudiments of effective leadership. He has also trained members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and large proportion of civil servants at FCT Abuja. In the same light, he has helped many organizations, associations, and different establishments craft compelling visionary ideas aimed at effective service delivery.


Oloyede Michael has won numerous awards and recognition; he has over time built a niche for himself in the environment space; he sensitize the general public on SDGs and climate change; and he currently organize a monthly community cleanup tagged Spare No Dirt. Oloyede Michael is an alumnus of the prestigious Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

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