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Awaken My Millionaire Mindset Workbook - Sakirat Okewole


What if you could transform your mindset, emotions, and energy to unlock your true potential for success?

Do you desire to align your mind, body, and soul to create a life that reflects your deepest purpose and vision?
Welcome to the "Awaken My Millionaire Mindset Workbook," where the journey to a life of abundance and fulfillment begins. If you've ever felt held back by invisible barriers or struggled to manifest your dreams, this workbook is your key to unlocking the millionaire mindset within you.

In Awaken My Millionaire Mindset Workbook, you'll discover:

The "Awaken My Millionaire Mindset Workbook" is a transformative guide designed to help you break free from the shackles of the past, recondition your mindset, and align all aspects of your life for unparalleled success. Dive deep into your story, master your mind and emotions, and watch as your life transforms into a masterpiece of abundance. Don't let another day pass without taking the first step towards your millionaire mindset. Embrace the power within you and start your journey to a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Sakirat Okewole - Personal and Business growth coach

Hi, I am Sakirat Okewole

a seasoned personal/business growth coach with years of experience. My vision is to help people become conscious in a distracted world using self and mind mastery through mentoring and transformational coaching. I founded A BETTER ME Growth Coaching Company to bring this vision to life by helping people build resilient mindsets, and become high performers thereby paving the way to create generational wealth. Having suffered from general Anxiety Disorder for about 30 years, unknown and undiagnosed, I lived life battling stress and unfulfillment until I got rightly diagnosed, broke free from fear, got clarity on my life’s true purpose, and started to live fulfilled. I realized that to live fulfilled meant understanding myself even better.

I took a course on self-mastery and self-development. I founded A Better Me Growth Coaching Company where we take people on a transformational journey of self-mastery, and build sustainable success. My brand promise is to help you get success, grow your person, and glow your world. To do this, it is crucial to understand the root cause of your belief system. This workbook is designed to set you on a transformative journey towards wealth creation through mind and self mastery. Don’t wait any longer. Grab your copy of Awaken My Millionaire Mindset Workbook and embark on a journey towards a better, more empowered you.

Grab your copy of the "Awaken My Millionaire Mindset Workbook" now and unlock the keys to your unlimited potential! Your destiny awaits - are you ready to claim it?

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