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About Us

Coach Sakirat Okewole

Sakirat Okewole

Sakirat Okewole whose vision is to help people become conscious in a distracted world using self and mind mastery through mentoring and transformational coaching, founded A BETTER ME to bring her vision to life where she and her team targets stressed or start up Entrepreneurs and help them grow their person first by building resilient mindset, become a high performer to create generational wealth. YOU WANT TO SUCCESSFULLY MASTER YOUR CRAFT, COMMIT TO MIND and SELF MASTERY FIRST! This message only became clearer to me where I longed served in the business of Event designs for a decade without the fulfilment I so desire. Also within those years I was in and out of other businesses making sales but not fulfilled. I became stressed and I hit rock bottom. I have lost strength, money, time, and worst of all my mind. I lost my mind to anxiety, depression, insomnia and suicidal thoughts. The turning point for me was to honour the calling of a higher power, GOD!
I walked out of the clutter in my life and took a new path where I help people break free from fear, get clarity on their Life’s true purpose so that they can live fulfilled. I choose to do this, especially with stressed entrepreneurs because I had been in their shoes and with startup entrepreneurs because I don’t want them to lose their mind like I did as this is the greatest asset any human race has FREE ACCESS to. Once you learn the power of the mind and align your mind with the universal mind, everything that you need in life for your work and fulfilment will definitely make its way to you.

Why 'A Better Me'?

Many people are depressed and suffering in life for so many reasons, with the commonest being that people are living without a clear purpose, therefore go with the flow of life rather than creating the flow for their life through intentional living and conscious work which is sustainable to create wellness and happiness for them, the people around them and the family at large.

Coach Sakirat Okewole

Let's Work With You

Free Strategy Call 30 minutes to get to know you and know if my coaching business is the right fit for you.

1 Hour Life and Business Vision Creation

Everyone has a purpose of coming to life. The inability to seek clarity on this is the reason many live unfulfilled. Many are not even aware about having a life's purpose or a vision. Everyone has a purpose of coming to life. The inability to seek clarity on this is the reason many live unfulfilled. Many are not even aware about having a life's purpose or a vision. I know this for sure because I used to be like that and for a protracted time, therefore such people play small as they are not aware of what is possible for them. Could this be you? Then book a call now to take a new turn and start the journey to intentional living.


The self-study Personal Growth Course that helps you build a resilient mindset, become a high performer to create generational wealth. I reckon that mastering a craft before mastering one's mind and self is like putting the cart before the horse. To actually take the bull by the horn, is to committing to self-development by creating the right energy because what drives our life is the energy that we generate in our present moment and this course BECOMING MORE is the one you need to raise the right energy-that will drive all areas of your life into fulfilment.


Going alone means you'd go fast and going with someone and the right one means you'd go far. The ball is in your court what to do according to what you desire. GROW is the accountability and mentorship course that you need to discover your blind spot, save you time for self-training or trying to figure it out all by yourself. This will transform your life to have us hold your hands and walk the journey of success with you without having to try too many things or too hard.


This is a 12-week recovery coaching program for, depression, recession, and trauma. Sometimes in life, it becomes so turbulent that you hit rock bottom and wallow alone in a dark room. The inner voice, the background noise whooshing in you, telling you that you don't matter or that you are worthless and maybe telling you that you are going to die soon, the worries, the disturbed sleep, the discomfort of struggling to sleep at night while you watch others enjoying the warmth of their beds long gone to dreamland. Here is your sustainable solution to create your inner peace, be in charge of your emotions and become super confident in yourself once again to start enjoying life in serenity and certainty.


The Employee training for high performance This is a self-awareness course that awakens you and your employees to become crystal clear of the possibilities and powers that you carry, genuine self-assessment to renew and reset and take up success habits that improve productivity and business growth in your organization Our works are educational; that is, they are educational when you access them and transformational when you use them. Our Promise is that you will grow your person, get successful and glow your world.

We are available to work with you to become a better you.

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